World Water Day with our health mediators

Our RHMs during the World Water Day
On March 22-23, 2016 on the occasion of the World Water Day, we organized - together with our Roma Health Mediators - sampling of water from wells of our clients. We brought it for analysis to the local Regional Public Health Offices (in Humenné, Vranov, Michalovce). In Michalovce, we were joined by the group of health mediators under Eugen Miľo, their coordinator.
Regional Public Health Office workers examined the water samples for their content of nitrites and nitrates. They gave us advice on how to take care of the water and also advised us what to do in case of high nitrate levels. If the nitrate content in water is greater than 15 mg/l, it is not suitable for minors. If the nitrate content is above 50 mg/l, the water is not suitable for adults either. The elevated contents of nitrites and nitrates were confirmed only in one settlement of our catchment area- in Iňačovce. The local Roma Health Mediator, Mr. Gurguľ, received instructions on how to protect the well against infiltration of surface water into the well (i.e. pouring concrete around the well).
In case of further interest, a complete analysis of water at the Regional Public Health Office costs 150 -156 euros.
We are glad that we can improve the health of our clients also in this way.
Lenka Bužová
Coordinator for the Snina catchment area