Work meetings of Expert for activities in the field with health mediators

Richard Koky, expert for activities in the field in a meeting with RHMs
In March 2016, expert for activities in the field of the National Project Healthy Communities 2A conducted work meetings with different groups of Roma Health Mediators (RHM) and their coordinators.
The meetings were conducted in Vranov nad Topľou, Rimavská Sobota and Chminianske Jakubovany. The purpose of these workshops was to become familiar with the achievements of the RHMs and their coordinators, their activities in the first quarter of the calendar year, and to determine individual needs related to their field work.
Richard Koky, expert for activities in the field, in these meetings expressed his satisfaction with the work of RHMs and coordinators, introduced them to other tasks in the project Healthy Communities, and wished them a lot of success in their work.
"I am very pleased that in this way we can meet and evaluate our work in the field and exchange mutual experience of working in Roma settlements." Said Koky.