Helping families after fire in Jarovnice

Photo: Anna Košuthová for korzá
About 10 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday, March 9, Prešov and Sabinov firefighters were called to a fire in containerized housing units in the settlement of Jarovnice. During the fire two appartments were damaged- one burned down completely and the other is temporarily uninhabitable after the fire. The interference took nine firefighters about two hours. Luckily, there was no one at the site during the fire, so the potential injuries were avoided.
The next day after the fire, our coordinator Tomáš Sivák came to Jarovnice and brough humanitarian aid to the affected families: a full car of clothing, warm blankets and pillows. This help has also been provided to other residents Jarovnice who needed it. Tomáš Sivák together with Roma Health Mediator working in the Jarovnice location sorted through the donated things and distributed them to clients. Local government, led by the mayor Florian Giňa, also pledged assistance to the two affected families.
Source of information: Mgr. Tomáš Sivák and korzá